Reconnect with Nature

Open Air Dining Pavilion

Exuding the airiness of Nature Inspired Getaways, our Kebun Mimpi dining pavilion welcomes you to special moments and celebrations with family and friends. Take a stroll with your loved ones to the floating pavilions to extend those personal relaxing and carefree moments.

Swimming pool
Dive into our swimming pool that blends in with the earthy architecture and nature.
Explore the jogging and walking trails that cut through the forests and lake.
Tennis court

While away your evenings with a game of tennis before taking a relaxing stroll back.

Freedom for undisturbed

moments with loved ones.

All around Gita Bayu are nooks and crannies ideal for family time.

Take advantage of the spacious decks that provide ample views of the greens, for your own personal time or for a relaxing time with the family.

Isolation for your

much-needed alone-time.

Designed by the renowned Lek Bunnag and Bill Bensley

Reading Room
The reading room hidden away at the top of the Multi Purpose Pavilion is a cosy place for leisure, productivity, and relaxation. This quiet nook holds in your concentration whilst providing comfort for an entire day of reading or working.
Multi Purpose Space
Bringing together the best of Nature Inspired architecture and practical facilities, there’s a space for everyone and almost any occasion, whether it’s to practise your dance moves or to hold a gathering for your family and friends.
Lake and Barbecue Pits
Good food, great scenery and a fun time can be enjoyed in a resort-like environment.

Be safely

tucked away in privacy.

The trusted management team has always listened to the wants and needs of the residents who live in Gita Bayu, which has been part and parcel of keeping this a paradise.

Maintenance crew is always here to ensure everything runs smoothly. Patrolling personnel keep the sprawling grounds tidy and safe.

Security staff and cameras at the entrance and along the perimeter for residents to take comfort in safety.